Classes for 2020

All classes are handled by the instructor. You will contact them to sign up for their class and refer to them with any questions about the class.

Cancellation policy:

Full Refund prior to February 6, 2020;

50% Refund prior to March 6, 2020.

No refund after March 6, 2020


Tuesday 9:30-12:30

Wednesday 9:30-12:30

(repeated class)

Tablita Doll

Instructor: Julie Hemer



Tuesday 9:30-12:30

Faux Leather Tooling

Instructor: Sue Haber


The focus of the class will be on the making

of the tablita. You will be able to work on

completeing the entire doll durng the retreat

with the opportunity to ask Julie for addition help.


You will learn how to do Faux Tooling on a small gourd. I have had people think that this is actually leather and have also wondered how I stitched the binding around the design.

This is all gourd, no leather or thread involved.

Teacher provides:  material for tablita,

two cleaned gourds for head and body,

some embellishments for tablita, patterns

for tablita, and a tutorial.

Students provide:pencil, scissors, piece of

sandpaper (120 or 220 grit), craft paints

and brush, glue, any embellishments and coloring media

you might want to bring.  

Students will provide:

•  A carver (Dremel, power carver, etc)

•  Burrs

Ball burrs- small and medium

Small to Medium drum sander

If you need to buy a new ball burr,buy the double cut.

3. Small gourd.

-Use a round gourd about 1/4 thick and no larger than 7 in diameter.

A cannonball, about 7 in diameter is also good. However, they are thin (about 1/8 ) but very sturdy.

-Cut the top and clean the inside. Finish the inside with a spray paint of your choice. I use Rust-o-Leum Textured Stone.

Your gourd should be approximately 7 in diameter x 5 high.

Mail check to

Julie Hemer

23908 Berrybrook Dr.

Sun Lakes,Az. 85248

Contact Info:

Phone: 715-965-5016

Send checks to:

Sue Haberer

1433 Nacona Dr.

Prosper, Texas 75078

Questions??? email: or call 817-559-3000

Asian Bronze

Instructor: Bettie Lake

Cost: $25


This class will introduce you to two faux texture techniques for your gourds.

We will be using a Patina system and a Cloisonné Embossing Powder.

Nothing difficult here, just time and guidance on the process and tips on enhancing the results. As a bonus, I will share my China source for Asian and Tibetan beads at a very low price. This is a great class for beginners.

Supplies provided:

•  Beads, and embellishments

•  Cloisonné Embossing Powder

•  Cleaned gourd

•  Patina Products

•  Rubber gloves

Student brings:

  • Small sea sponges
  • Spray bottle of water
  • Shards for practice
  • heat gun
  • Heat activated glue if you have it


This is what I call a pop-up class. We will set it up on Tuesday,but if you would like to do it at another time during the event,I can take time to help you. I won't be taking any classes. I will just need to know you might be interest so I can bring enough gourds. I will not hold your feet to the fire to take the class! Email me to include a gourd kit for you. You can pay me before class.

phone: 480-773-0974





Tuesday 1:30-4:30

Wednesday 1:30-4:30

(2-day project)

Bed Head Birds


Instructor: Deb Spirito

tue 12-4

wed 12-4

Cost: $40

Wednesday 9:30-12:30

Reverse Design

Instructor: Sue Haberer


Sculpt the bird in the morning, let it dry over lunch, seal it and paint it in the afternoon.

If you would like to sit your bird on a perch of some sort, please bring that with you, otherwise everything you need will be provided.

In this class you will create a gourd using the reverse design method.  This is a fun-filled class in which you can use your imagination and creative abilities. 
Bring any special embellishments you prefer. I will bring some to share with everyone. Clay,gourd and sculpting supplies will be provided .

Materials that the students need to bring:
  Gourd - cut and cleaned, inside and out.  Any shape and size.
  A gourd shard for practice
  Good Paintbrush (about 1 wide)
  An old scruffy brush (1/2 - 1 wide)
  Paper towels
  Water container
  Black paint
  Power carver
  Small to medium ball

The carving part will take place outside, so come prepared to work outside with warmer clothing. Also bring a power strip.

Send checks to :

Deb Spirito

2240 Sequoia Dr.

Prescott, AZ 86301

Questions????? email:

or phone: 928-499-0803

Send checks to:

Sue Haberer

1433 Nacona Dr.

Prosper, Texas 75078



or call 817-559-3000.